Our Story


The journey began in Milan, on the Via della Spiga, where we first noticed the stark difference between the luxury bag and watch manufacturing. While both are rooted in age-old traditions of craftsmanship, only the latter embraces state-of-the-art technology and incredible attention to detail. Handbag hardware is mass-produced, ordinary in comparison with marvels of contemporary horology. We found ourselves asking the question - what if a bag was made with such technology?


Pursuing this thought, we embarked on an intensive phase of research, design and development. The decision to reject the established route for sourcing hardware components was a natural next step. From day one, we opted to design and develop every single part in-house, with manufacturing carried out by several specialist workshops worldwide. All our bags are made by skilled craftsmen in Italy. The final assembly takes place at our studio in East Sussex, England.


The combination of craftsmanship and high-tech, unparalleled in this category, allows for a unique, contemporary design language. The Sei Tote is the first bag in the Sei line. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, we are working on more extraordinary products. The movement has just begun.


The Brand

Timeless elegance + innovation.

Founded by the design duo Łukasz Bul and Katarzyna Bul, Cubique is a fusion of traditional craftsmanship and advanced technology. Designed in England. Made in Italy.